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[FAQ] TDA4VM: How to enable Inline ECC for memory > 2GB

Part Number: TDA4VM

Enabling inline ECC for memory size <= 2GB is simpler as the memory address range is with in 32 bit address(0x80000000. - 0xFFFFFFFF)

How to enable Inline ECC > 2GB address.

  • Snapshot from TRM:

    ECC enabling needs to be done at the time of DDR initialization. In the Linux boot flow the DDR configuration is done by R5 SPL.

    R5 is a 32-bit processor. Hence it can not access addresses that need > 32 bits.
    This can be over come by utilizing the RAT - Region based address translator for MCU R5F.

    The RAT converts the > 32 bit addresses to 32 bit address & helps R5F access memory regions with > 32 bit address

    The below patch enables ECC for 3GB.

    So While DDR gets initialized we map 0x80000000(Accessible by R5) to 0x880000000 (> 32 bits).
    Clear them out to 0s. Unmap the RAT translation.

    Set the ECC second range for the 3rd GB.

    Boot tested with Linux and memtester runs well.

    The patch is on top of SDK7.3 U-Boot.


    cd $PSDKLA_7.3/board-support/u-boot*
    git am ECC-for-3-GB.patch
    cd ../..
    make u-boot
    cp board-support/u-boot_build/r5/tiboot3.bin board-support/u-boot_build/a72/tispl.bin board-support/u-boot_build/a72/u-boot.img board-support/prebuilt-binaries/sysfw.itb /media/$USER/boot

    Note: Enabling ECC will add to boot time at R5 SPL.

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