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[FAQ] TDA4VM: How to boot TDA4VM from eMMC UDA partition using SBL in SDK 8.1

Part Number: TDA4VM

I want to boot TDA4VM from eMMC UDA partition using SBL.  I am using SDK 8.1. Can someone share the process?

  • Hi,

    Please follow the procedure below:

    Partitioning the eMMC

    1) Boot the board with j721e Linux SDK.

    • You can find latest Linux SDK here
    • Prepare the SD Card with Linux Images. Follow the procedure here
    • Copy from <Linux_SDK_Install_Directory>/bin to /media/$USER/rootfs/home/root
    • Change boot mode setting to SD boot mode:
      • SW8: 1000_0010
      • SW9: 0000_0000
    • Boot the board
    • login as root
    • Run the script
      • ./ --device /dev/mmcblk0
    • run fdisk -l to check if the /dev/mmcblk0 is partitioned


    Modifying the MMCSD SBL to boot from eMMC.

    1) Replace the sbl_mmcsd.c at <pdkInstallPath>\packages\ti\boot\sbl\src\mmcsd

    • You can find latest RTOS SDK here

    2) Rebuild the lib and binary for MMCSD

    • Switch to PDK\package\ti\build directory
    • gmake BOARD=j721e_evm CORE=mcu1_0 sbl_lib_mmcsd_clean
    • gmake BOARD=j721e_evm CORE=mcu1_0 sbl_mmcsd_img_clean
    • gmake BOARD=j721e_evm CORE=mcu1_0 sbl_lib_mmcsd
    • gmake BOARD=j721e_evm CORE=mcu1_0 sbl_mmcsd_img

    Flashing RTOS Boot Images on eMMC

    1) Put the SD Card on a PC

    2) Copy the below files in /media/$USER/rootfs/home/root :

    • <pdkInstallPath>\packages\ti\boot\sbl\binary\j721e_evm\mmcsd\bin\sbl_mmcsd_img_mcu1_0_release.tiimage renamed as tiboot3.bin
    • <pdkInstallPath>\packages\ti\drv\sciclient\soc\V1\tifs.bin
    • <pdkInstallPath>\packages\ti\binary\board_diag_led\bin\j721e_evm\board_diag_led_mcu1_0_release.appimage renamed as app

    3) Put the SD Card back to board and boot in SD boot mode.

    4)  Copy the images to eMMC partition

    • mkdir eMMC
    • mount /dev/mmcblk0p1 eMMC
    • cp tiboot3.bin eMMC
    • cp tifs.bin eMMC
    • cp app eMMC

    5) You can also refer to the AppNote- for more other flashing techniques.

    Change boot mode to eMMC and boot the board

    1) Change boot mode to eMMC boot

    • SW8: 1000_0000
    • SW9: 0000_0000

    Please see eMMC_Logs for reference.