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[FAQ] TDA4VM: How to add support for new Flash Device in RTOS SDK

Part Number: TDA4VM


I have a new Flash device on TDA4VM. Is there a guide available to add support for that?

  • Hi,

    There are lot of use cases possible when it comes to custom flashes and it is not possible to address each and every use case. In this FAQ we’ll provide guideline for some of the frequently occurring use cases. We’ll keep updating this FAQ with more use cases

    Case 1: New Flash similar to what is supported in TDA4VM EVM

    There are many flash devices supported in PDK. You can find these supported devices in <PDK_Install_Path>\packages\ti\board\src\flash\nor\device. If your new device is similar to or same as the device supported in PDK, then follow the steps below:

    • Select the device from the set of devices available in <PDK_Install_Path>\packages\ti\board\src\flash\nor\device which is closest to your new flash.
    • Make a copy of the header file corresponding to the device chosen in Step 1.
      • Modify the device specific Macros (NOR_SIZE, NOR_MANF_ID, NOR_DEVICE_ID.. etc) to match with the device you are using
    • Modify the device id of the flash chosen in Step 1 in  <PDK_Install_Path>\packages\ti\board\src\flash\include\board_flash.h to match with your device id
    • Include the new header file created in Step 2 in <PDK_Install_Path>/packages/ti/board/src/flash/nor/ospi/nor_*spi.h
    • Update PACKAGE_SRCS_COMMON in packages/ti/board/src/flash/ to include the newly created header file for the build.


  • Case 2: Adding support for Cypress Flash for TDA4VM

    By default, J721e EVM comes with Micron Flash and J7200 EVM comes with Cypress Flash. The following patch adds the support for Cypress Flash in J721e RTOS SDK.