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[FAQ] PROCESSOR-SDK-J721E: How to capture embedded metadata with the data type 0x12 using CSIRX?


There are two ways to send embedded metadata in MIPI protocol.

1, Metadata with same data type as image/video data. 

2, Metadata with the data type as 0x12, different from image/video data. 

The current PSDKRA already supports capturing embedded metadata, when it is sent using #1. This article provides the method to capture embedded metadata when it is sent using #2. 

  • Please follow below steps in order to capture embedded metadata with datatype as 0x12.

    1. Please apply attached patch on top of ti-processor-sdk-rtos-j721e-evm-08_01_00_13\tiovx folder. Although patch is for PSDKRA8.1 release, it can also be cleanly applied on PSDKRA8.2.
    2. This patch adds additional parameter, meta_on_separate_channel, in the tivx_raw_image_create_params_t. When flag is set to true, metadata is assumed to be available with the data type 0x12. 
    3. Then application can select the position and size, in terms of lines, of the metadata in fields meta_height_before and meta_height_after fields of the tivx_raw_image_create_params_t.
    4. This essentially means metadata would be stored in the same raw_image buffer, even though it is captured with the separate data type.
    5. The next node/component can extract captured metadata from the same raw_image buffer. The advantage of keeping metadata in the same raw_image buffer is that they are always in sync.