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Problems using BeagleBone Black and Cloud9 IDE

PROBLEM DESCRIPTION:   The Cloud9 IDE  seems to 'hang' when I try to expand the project files at the directory, /cloud9.  There is a circular progress indicator and it justs continues to circle and circle without end.  Further, I attempted to save a file in the Cloud9 IDE, but on subsequent attempts to use the Cloud9 IDE, it shows the file is empty.  I cannot load files.  I cannot save files. 

I just purchased a BeagleBone Black (HW vA5C, bonescript v0.2.2).

I have enabled the Cloud9 IDE by connecting the USB Type A cable to the computer host.  The computer powers the BBB and the BBB's LED indicators are showing the heartbeat and other customary status.

When I navigate to the Cloud9 IDE 'seems' to recognize the BBB.  However, when I try to exercise the Cloud9 IDE tutorial at, I see errors in the IDE.

I am testing this BBB HW on an iMac running OS X v10.8.4 and Safari v6.0.5.  I downloaded and installed the latest HoRNDIS network driver, rel4.

I am testing this BBB HW on a Dell laptop running Win7 and Firefox v22.0.  I download and installed the provided 64-bit USB drivers.

Because I see the same Cloud9 IDE behavior on a PC/Firefox and Mac/Safari, I conclude that the problem is somehow related to the Cloud9 IDE or the network driver running on the BBB.

At circuitco's BBB FAQ, there are two specific pieces of advice: "5.2 Cloud9 IDE and GateOne SSH Client no accessible" and "5.4 Cloud9 Not Running Properly. How do I fix this?".  In the first, I confirmed in a PuTTY terminal that the directory, /var/lib/cloud9, does indeed exist and this directory contains the files I saved or attempted to save in the Cloud9 IDE.  In the second, I switched the mode from "Debug" to "Run" by deselecting the option, "Run in debug mode".

Another observation: I can run and execute the bonescript examples included in the tutorial.  For example, I can execute "getPlatform()" and obtain the BBB's serial number, version, etc...

I am at a real loss to explain why the Cloud9 IDE and the BBB is not working well together.  I have requested help at the freenode IRC, circuitco support,, support and general internet searches.  If anyone has some tips to share, please reply.