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gpio vs pin drivers?

I'm becoming aquainted with TI-RTOS and continue to come across discrepancies between documentation and examples. Looking through the CC26xx TI-RTOS Kernel examples, I see examples where GPIO pins are modified using the <ti/drivers/PIN.h> library. While looking through the "TI-RTOS 2.16 User's Guide", I find no mention of the PIN.h driver library, but instead of the <ti/drivers/GPIO.h> library. The documentation here



Seem as if they do the same thing. They are both general purpose I/O interfaces and both contain hardware specific equivalent libraries. Which one should I use (is there a specific use case for each)? Where in the documentation should I be looking to find these types of answers?

Appreciate the help!

  • The GPIO driver is supported for all device families except CC26xx/CC13xx. For the CC26xx/CC13xx device family, the PIN driver should be used. Yes, there is a GPIO driver for the CC26xx/CC13xx family within the driver product, however it is not promoted nor supported for external customer use. Yes, this is confusing.