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Linux/AM5728: Boot issues

Part Number: AM5728

Tool/software: Linux

my board is evm-am5728.I follow the steps how to cread a linux sd card,but I can't start my board.

I get into the u-boot, I get this:

1.   setenv board_name am57xx_evm_reva3


      but   board_name is still beagle_x15

2.   setenv fdtfile am57xx-evm-reva3.dtb


      fdtfile=undefind   turn to  am57xx-evm-reva3.dtb

      but  the board can't start

3. I  remove all files (rootfs/boot) ,then  only copy zlmage and  am57xx-evm-reva3.dtb.

4. so I'm sure that I can not change the board_name.  How can I change it ?

  • Hello  gf,

    Seems the EEPROM is broken on your board, due to that the U-Boot defines the board name as beagle_x15 by default. Can you apply this patch, then type make u-boot_clean && make u-boot from the top Processor SDK directory to rebuild the U-Boot and copy the new MLO and u-boot.img to SD card? Later you can reprogram the EEPROM by these commands in U-Boot and these in Linux if its content is erased, or track down the root cause if it is a hardware related.

    You can find the AM57xx GP EVM I2C ID Memory layout here.

    cd <Processor SDK>/board-support/u-boot-<version>/
    git apply 0001-Change-beagle_x15-string-to-am57xx_evm_reva3.patch

    Best regards,