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[FAQ] PROCESSOR-SDK-DRA8X-TDA4X: What is the difference between OpenVX and TIOVX?


I see that TI supports OpenVX, but I don't see an openvx folder in the SDK, only a tiovx.  Is this the same as OpenVX or are there differences?

  • OpenVX™:

    OpenVX is an open, royalty-free compute framework API standard that is published and maintained by Khronos. Multiple companies provide their own implementation of this standard. You can read more about this and get access to the different versions of the API and headers from Khronos’s website:

    Khronos provides conformance tests for each version of the spec and spec extensions for implementers of OpenVX to pass before they can be considered a “conformant” implementation. This way, applications written using an OpenVX conformant implementation can be assured of platform portability.

    In addition to the main spec for OpenVX, Khronos also publishes and maintains several specification extensions and associated conformance tests which may be of use for some types of applications.

    If you have questions/comments related to the OpenVX in general, Khronos maintains their own community forum at


    TIOVX is simply what TI calls their implementation of the OpenVX standard. It is fully compliant to OpenVX main standard, as well as several Khronos standard extensions. It also includes some custom processing functions (some of which map to TI’s vision hardware accelerators) and helpful framework extensions that other OpenVX implementations may not have

    It is packaged and released as part of the Processor SDK RTOS Automotive (PSDKRA) package at the following link:

    The TIOVX user guide includes details about which version of OpenVX and Khronos extensions it is conformant to, as well as detailed documentation about the TI extensions added. The TIOVX user guide can be found in the SDK package under tiovx/docs/user_guide/index.html, or online here.