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[FAQ] TDA2x: How to flash images to the QSPI memory from the u-boot prompt in vision SDK Linux?


The use-guide (file::/PROCESSOR_SDK_VISION_03_07_00_00/vision_sdk/docs/Linux/VisionSDK_Linux_UserGuide.pdf) has steps to flash the images to QSPI memory from the host machine, for this we need to connect a USB cable from P2/USB1 to host PC. This is used for flashing the EVM using fastboot.

In our custom board, we don't have a P2/USB1 port. So can you share the steps to flash images to the QSPI memory from the u-boot prompt?

  • Follow the steps to flash the images to the QSPI memory from the u-boot prompt

    • Run the below commands from the host machine
    sudo apt-get install u-boot-tools
    cd $(INSTALL_DIR)/ti_components/os_tools/linux/targetfs/lib/firmware
    mkimage -d dra7-ipu2-fw.lzop dra7-ipu2-fw.uImage
    mkimage -d dra7-dsp1-fw.lzop dra7-dsp1-fw.uImage
    mkimage -d dra7-dsp2-fw.lzop dra7-dsp2-fw.uImage
    mkimage -d dra7-ipu1_0-fw.lzop dra7-ipu1_0-fw.uImage

    • Create a folder called "qspi" in the SD card bootable partition & copy all required image into this folder(uImage, dtb, firmware, MLO, u-boot)

    • Change the switch settings on the EVM to as below for SD boot mode

    • Reboot the board with the SD-card. Halt at u-boot and run the below commands
    mmc dev 0
    sf probe 0
    /* Flashing MLO */
    fatload mmc 0 0x82000000 qspi/MLO
    sf erase 0 0x20000
    sf write 0x82000000 0x0 0x20000
    /* Flashing uImage */
    fatload mmc 0 0x83000000 qspi/uImage
    sf erase 1e0000 0x800000
    sf write 83000000 1e0000 0x800000
    /* Flashing DTB, the below dtb used for tda2px platform */
    fatload mmc 0 0x82000000 qspi/dra76-evm-infoadas.dtb
    sf erase 140000 0x80000;
    sf write 0x82000000 0x140000 0x80000
    /* Flashing remote core firmware */
    fatload mmc 0 0x83000000 qspi/dra7-ipu2-fw.uImage
    sf erase E60000 0x400000
    sf write 83000000 E60000 0x400000
    fatload mmc 0 0x82000000 qspi/dra7-dsp1-fw.uImage
    sf erase 1260000 0x400000
    sf write 82000000 1260000 0x400000
    fatload mmc 0 0x83000000 qspi/dra7-dsp2-fw.uImage
    sf erase 1660000 0x400000
    sf write 83000000 1660000 0x400000
    fatload mmc 0 0x82000000 qspi/dra7-ipu1_0-fw.uImage
    sf erase A60000 0x400000
    sf write 82000000 A60000 0x400000
    /* Flash u-boot */
    fatload mmc 0 0x83000000 qspi/u-boot
    sf erase 40000 0x100000
    sf write 83000000 40000 0x100000

    • After this is complete, the contents are copied to QSPI. Now change the switch settings to QSPI boot mode. The SD-card can be removed from the board if the rootfs file system is already in eMMC.

    • Reboot the board, you'll notice log "Trying to boot from SPI" in the terminal.