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MMWAVE-STUDIO: some Test Source questions

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: DCA1000EVM, AWR1642BOOST

Hi all,

I have some questions while using mmwave studio with hardware AWR1642BOOST and DCA1000EVM to analyze the data using objects from "Test Source" tab

here are my configs:

"Connection" tab

"StaticConfig" tab

"DataConfig" tab

"SensorConfig" tab

and here are my questions:

1.While setting only 1 object in "TestSource" tab, in the PostProc figure I got 1 object at the "Detection & Angle estimation Results" subplot and 1 peak at the "1D FFT amplitude profile" subplot

but I got 2 peaks at the  "2D FFT amplitude profile" subplot

I wonder why would this happen? i only have 1 range and 1 speed but i got 2 peaks at the 2D FFT plot with same range but different speed

this is my "TestSource" object settings


and here are the "PostProc" figure results

2.The second question is kinda like the one above, while I set 2 objects in the "TestSource" tab I will get results of lots of objects from the "PostProc" figure

not only the "2D FFT amplitude profile" subplot but also  "1D FFT amplitude profile" and "Detection & Angle estimation Results" subplots as well

in this case I got 4 objects on my  "Detection & Angle estimation Results" subplot and more on the "1D FFT" and "2D FFT" results

this is my "TestSource" object settings

and here are the "PostProc" figure results

please help me figure out why would this happen while i haven't even record real objects with noises, or are there any steps i have done wrong

best regards

  • Hello Brian,
    For the first question can you provide the range and velocity value of the "second" peak you see which is not expected?
    or the second question the power level of the object seems too high, can you set a -10dBFS signal level to the objects and try?

  • Hello Vivek,

    1.My object in the test source is at range 5m(X:4,Y:3) with speed 5m/s(X:4,Y:3), the peak at the range 5 velocity 5 is correct and has a higher FFT output(dB)

    But i get another peak at range 5 velocity -1 since my max speed is approximate 6 based on max speed = 3.9mm(lambda)/(4*160ms(time between chirps))

    as shown as the picture below

     While I didn't change any settings except I shorten the Tc(time between chirps) to half from 160ms to 80ms, my result of max speed is calculated as 12(3.9mm/(4*80ms)) 

    and I will see 2 peaks at range 5 speed 5(which is correct) and the other at range 5 speed -7

    so i guess the second peak is related to the max speed but I don't know why this happens

    the result is shown below

    2. For my second question, I've change the signal level for both my test source objects to -10dB then  "Detection & Angle estimation Results" object numbers and "1D FFT amplitude profile" peaks are correct

    but same as the question above i will get more than 1 peaks for each object and they are all related to my max speed

    while my 2 objects are at range 5 speed 5, range 10 speed 0 and my max speed is 6, I get other peaks that supposed not to exist at range 5 speed -1, range 10 speed -6 and range 10 speed 6

    the special part is while my speed is 0 i will get peaks at 0 speed ,max speed and -max speed at the same range but I only have 1 object.

    the results are shown below

    please help me figure out why the peaks i didn't expect appears ,thanks a lot

    best regards

  • Hello Brian,

    Apologize for the delayed response.

    I tried the exact same configuration with the latest firmware on 1642 ES2.0 devices. I do not see the second velocity peak observed by you. Below are the snapshots. Can you try with the latest device and latest mmwave studio release? 



  • Hi Vivek,
    Thanks for your reply.
    Unfortunately I only have AWR1642BOOST ES1.0 with the latest mmwave studio.
    However, it works while detecting real objects so I think it's not a big issue
    Thanks a lot for help