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When a new thread is created by clicking the "Ask a related question" button, the new thread lists the parent thread at the top of the post.  This is very helpful, but it is only half of the desired information when using the e2e forum.  Parent threads should also list the threads generated by users that have asked a question related to the parent thread.

There is a desire to keep threads short, so when a question is answered, users are encouraged to ask a related question in a different thread.  I understand and agree with that, however it isn't very useful to someone that has come to the forum to figure something out.  They find a good thread that partially answers their question(s), and they have no easy way to look for threads that expand on the topic.  The only way to find those threads is to search through all of the threads on the site.  But if the parent thread had links to the related question threads, it would make it so much easier to research a topic.  And it would make it so much easier for me as a user who is asking questions to let go of the current thread and move on to another one.  I generally prefer to keep the discussion going in the same thread, so that all of the information related to the topic is in one location.  But if there was a way to move forward and backward through the threads, I would not have any issue with closing the thread and asking a related question in a new thread.

Hopefully this is a feature you can add to the forum without too much effort.  I think it would be very useful.