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CD4066B: CD4066B with AMC1100

Part Number: CD4066B
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: AMC1100, , TMUX1511, CD4016B


I am using CD4066B analog mux IC in series with AMC1100 as shown in the attached picture.


My  requirement is to switch a resistor that can control the current in the internal loop. And control signal generated for the switching is giving by MCU. ( as marked in attached figure)


 CD4066B has VCC of 5V, GND2 and MCU is having VCC of 3.3V with GND2.


Kindly review the design as I am not able to get the intended output.


Also I am not able to find TINA spice model for CD4066B. Please share that also in order to simulate.


If any other solution is there to meet this requirement please let me know.


Hoping an urgent reply from your side.




Thanks and Regards

  • Hello,

    Thank you for that information.

    Could you please explain where you are measuring the output? What output are you measuring and what is the expected output?

    We do not have a TINA or SPICE model in the product folder for this device. Let me double check with the team to confirm that we do not have a model.



  • Hi kate,

    I am measuring output at 22E resistor.

    with 24DC input supply and control signal A of CD4066 is enabled( 1K will form the close loop) the output voltage will be 75.2mV and input current will be 3.4mA

    output voltage = 22*24/(2k+1k+1k+1k+22) = 75.2mV

    current will be = (24/(2k+1k+1k+1k+22) = 3.41mA

    similarly when control signal of A is disable (thereby turning the signal A off) and control signal for B is enable , same equation can be applied to compute the output voltage.


  • Hello,

    Thanks for providing the expected output. What output are you currently experiencing, that you earlier mentioned was not expected?

    Additionally, I would like to recommend replacing this part with TMUX1511, which has the same functionality and features powered-off protection, fail-safe logic, and is 1.8V logic compatible.

    There is an IBIS and s-parameter model available in the TMUX1511 product folder.



  • Hi kate,

    I am not able to get any output( some nuisance voltage is coming which is same for  while providing the control signal and without signal)

    switch action is not happening.

    For TMUX115 part, i need TINA SPICE model in order to simulate.



  • Hi Manish,

    Could you please provide the following waveforms:

    • The control signal
    • The input waveform and output waveform when the control signal is high
    • The input waveform and output waveform when the control signal is low

    Thank you!


  • Hi kate,

    I am using mutimeter to check the impedace of the switch when control voltage is applied.

    When CD4016B is powered with VDD= 5.0V, VSS= 0V

    Control voltage is floating: impedance between In and Out terminal of corrosponding switch is 500K

    Control voltage is 0V: impedance between In and Out terminal of corrosponding switch is 11.2Meg

    Control voltage is 5V: impedance between In and Out terminal of corrosponding switch is 1.5K

    after that if the switch control voltage is again floating, then impedance between In and Out terminal of corrosponding switch is 1.5K

    Operation of switch is not as required.

  • Hi Manish,

    Thanks for that information. 

    Have you tried removing the device (shorting across the device) and confirming the voltage at that node is as expected?

    Another suggestion is to replace the current device with a new CD4016B device and repeating the measurements. Does the impedance improve with a new device?

    Finally, I suggest replacing CD4016B with TMUX1511, which features a lower Ron, in addition to the features mentioned above. I confirmed with the team that we can provide a TINA SPICE model for TMUX1511.



  • Hi Manish,

    Since I haven't heard from you in a few days, I am going to close the thread.

    Please do not hesitate to respond if you have any further questions!

    Best regards,


  • Hi Kate,

    I wan not in office, so couldn't reply to your messages.

    If you have TINA spice file for the TMUX1511 please share. As till date i am not able to simulate the design.


  • Hi Manish,

    You can expect an offline reply from me via email. 

    Thank you!