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CC2650STK: SensorTag doesn't show up in device list of TI SensorTag App

Part Number: CC2650STK
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I try for the first time to connect CC2650STK to my Android 7.0 Huawei Media Pad M3 Lite 10.

The tag shows up in the list of bluetooth devices of the pad (under settings).

The app keeps on scanning but the tag is not discovered.

When I pulled the battery slip , the green led started to blink, after several minutes it stopped and there was no way to reiniate the service discovery process without

removing/inserting the battery.

Thanks for your help


  • Peter,

    I've sometimes seen the tag name not be read by the app, but it will be seen by the phone just as an "Unknown" device in the list in the app. You can detect if it's your device by setting the phone closets to the tag and selecting the device that has the lowest RSSI/highest strength signal and if you connect to it, the device will then properly display as the sensor tag because it will have exchanged all it's device information etc. 

    Usually this is sort of related to how phones handle the BT Cache memory. If you turn off bluetooth, kill the app, and turn bluetooth back on this will also maybe help as it forces the phone to erase the cache. 

    I've assigned your post internally for follow up, but please try the steps above and provide feedback. 

  • Hi Evan

    Thanks. In the meantime , the device shows up in the device list (I can't reproduce why it didn't the first time when I launched the app):

    When I click on connect , I get this:

    There is no sensor info and no life update.

    I think I have got the wrong app. The one shown above is called TI Sensor Tag, but I think it should be BLE Sensor Tag. I have seen the latter on some Youtube tutorial, the GUI is completely different and

    there is a life stream of sensor data. However, it seems not be available anymore on Google Play. There seems to be an open source version on git, but I can't get it to compile.

    Could you help me to check which App exactly is required to go with the CC2650 Sensor Tag ?



  • Hi Peter,

    Where did you install the app from? Did you get the app from the GooglePlay app store?

    Please see:

    For the correct mobile app.

    Best Regards,

  • Hi Yuval

    Yes , I got the app from google play:

    The correct one you mentioned doesn't work for me: the device is not recognized:



  • Hi Peter,

    This could be a permissions issue with your tablet.

    Try to verify that the TI app has all the permissions it requires in the phones android settings.

    Best Regards,

  • Indeed !

    Many thanks