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Reading CC1200 RSSI Registers

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I have some questions about reading CC1200's RSSI1 and RSSI0 registers.

1.)  I am currently reading RSSI1 register OK. I am reading RSSI1 register about +60dBm (Modules are 5 meters away from each other) and when i add about -100dBm offset it becomes about -40dBm which is i think OK. Am i doing correct? I just want to make sure of it.

2.) When i read the RSSI0 register, it doesn't change so much like RSSI1 registers. But the module is offering 0.0625dBm sensitivity so i think this register should works as good as the RSSI1 register. I am reading RSSI0 register just like i am reading RSSI0 register. Nothing is different. Let me show what i am reading:

Packet Number: 103 RSSI0: 71
Packet Number: 104 RSSI0: 71
Packet Number: 105 RSSI0: 39
Packet Number: 106 RSSI0: 71
Packet Number: 107 RSSI0: 71
Packet Number: 106 RSSI0: 71
Packet Number: 107 RSSI0: 103

Here i am showing a little bit of what i am reading but most of my readings are 71 (About %95 of my readings). Shouldn't it change like an RSSI1 registers or is there something that didn't TI wrote in user manuel?

3.) If everything is OK, then how can i translate this 12 bits into floating point format? In TI's examples there are only integer values from -127 to +127.

By the way:

71 = 0[1000]111 = 8*0.0625 = ....

39 = 0[0100]111 = 4*0.0625 = ....

103 = 0[1100]111 = 12*0.0625 = ....

In our project the RSSI0 value also important so i should read this 4 bit from 0*0.625 to 15*0.0625

Thanks for your answers from now.

Have a nice day...