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CC3200 Lauchpad SRAM / HEAP & Stack maximum sizes

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I was looking in all the available documents but i do not seem to find the maximum sizes you can set for SRAM, Heap and Stack for your cc3200 lauchpad. This is very important when compiling, to make sure the project can be downloaded to the board.

Can someone please put here the maximum values I can set? Or the document where I can find it


  • Hi,

    You can't expect any recommendation about maximum or minimum size of heap and stack. This really depend on your application. You are programmer and it depends on you.

    There is only few important things:
    - entrypoint for CODE RAM is at address 0x20004000 (if you use own bootloader you can change it)
    - size of RAM is 256kB and starts at 0x20000000
    - memory between 0x20000000 and 0x20004000 (16KB) is not used at examples, you can change linker file add into this space some parts of DATA RAM (e.g. stack)

  • Yes, I know it depends on me, but I want to know the maximum I can use. To make sure my application is suitable for the MCU.

    Thanks ;)
  • Hi,

    Really I don't understand your question.

    Memory utilisation is equation with many variables. Because this variables depends on your application, you can not expect answer which is applicable to your case. If I want to be cruel, answer to your question will be, "maximum size heap and stack is 256kB". But in this case you will not have any space for other data and code.

    CC3200 use RAM for code and data. Code RAM utilisation depends on your application functionality. If you don't remove functionality of your application, then is only few ways how decrease size of code. First is compiler optimisation and use peripheral drivers from ROM. Inside Data RAM you have stack, heap, global variables, etc. All this variables depends on your application.


    As I wrote at previous post. Best tool how determine free RAM in CCS is Memory Allocation tool. Example from my project: