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CCS / IWR1843: Using iwr1843 alone to get raw data

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Part Number: IWR1843

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio

I want to get the original data through a single iwr1843 board. I have used MEM capture. At the same time, I see some data in the memory browser, but it seems that I can't refresh the data. After running, it will freeze

My steps are 1. Import xwr18xx ﹣ ccsdebug.bin through unifish

2. Import xwr18xx? MEM? Capture? Dss.xe674 and xwr18xx? MEM? Capture? Mss.xer4f through CCS

3. In the memory browser, you can see that the data address starts from 0x20000000

I would like to ask

1. Is my step right?

2. How to modify configuration parameters?

3. Is there any way to modify the code to export multi frame data? I don't know how to modify it (novice)

4. I just want to use iwr1843 as a board to get the original data. Is there any other way besides MEM capture?

Thank you