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IWR6843AOPEVM: Only works with the out-of-box demo. None of the labs work with it

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Part Number: IWR6843AOPEVM

Dear All,

We just started trying the 6843AOPEVM board and can get it work with the out-of-box demo (from the industry lab 4.2). However, we cannot manage to get it work with any of the other labs (for instance, we have tried area scanner, people count (industry lab 4.1, the correct AOP binary). 

We thought the AOPEVM board share the same design as the ODS board? 

Any help on this is much appreciated!


  • Hello,

    Only the labs that explicitly provide an AOP binary are compatible with the AOP board. The antenna radiation pattern is similar to the ODS but they are not exactly the same - currently AOP is released for 6843 ES1.0 while ODS uses 6843 ES2.0. 

    An ODS ES2.0 biinary will not run on AOP. Furthermore the antenna ordering is different so the angles will not be correct.