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TLV320ADC3120: behavior in case of no MCLK clocking with external clock setting

Part Number: TLV320ADC3120

Hi Expert,

Customer is setting the external clocking from PPC3 with TLV320ADC3120 .

Normally, they will input 14.7456MHz clock to GPIO.

As irregular condition, they are considering about the condition of disabled clock generator to GPIO.

If the clocking input was enabled, they could confirm FSYNC=384kHz and normal operation same as customer settings. 

However, if the clocking input was disabled, FSYNC was around 120kHz, also the device seems to send any data via I2S. The customer believed  not work anything at no clocking.

Is it normal operation?

Also, could you please let me know the reason of output FSYNC at following conditions

- External clocking setting

- Not input clock (customer understand, it is irregular condition)

- Other input signals will be working and powered (other than clock signal) 

Register setting is below,

Page Register Address Register Name Register Value
0 0x00 PAGE_CFG 0x00
0 0x01 SW_RESET 0x00
0 0x02 SLEEP_CFG 0x81
0 0x05 SHDN_CFG 0x05
0 0x07 ASI_CFG0 0x70
0 0x08 ASI_CFG1 0x00
0 0x09 ASI_CFG2 0x20
0 0x0A ASI_MIX_CFG 0x00
0 0x0B ASI_CH1 0x00
0 0x0C ASI_CH2 0x01
0 0x0D ASI_CH3 0x02
0 0x0E ASI_CH4 0x03
0 0x13 MST_CFG0 0xc2
0 0x14 MST_CFG1 0x79
0 0x15 ASI_STS 0xff
0 0x16 CLK_SRC 0x10
0 0x1F PDMCLK_CFG 0xb0
0 0x20 PDMIN_CFG 0x00
0 0x21 GPIO_CFG0 0xa2
0 0x22 GPO_CFG0 0x00
0 0x29 GPO_VAL 0x00
0 0x2A GPIO_MON 0x00
0 0x2B GPI_CFG0 0x00
0 0x2F GPI_MON 0x00
0 0x32 INT_CFG 0x00
0 0x33 INT_MASK0 0xff
0 0x36 INT_LTCH0 0x00
0 0x3A CM_TOL_CFG 0x00
0 0x3B BIAS_CFG 0x00
0 0x3C CH1_CFG0 0xa8
0 0x3D CH1_CFG1 0x00
0 0x3E CH1_CFG2 0x0b
0 0x3F CH1_CFG3 0x80
0 0x40 CH1_CFG4 0x00
0 0x41 CH2_CFG0 0xa8
0 0x42 CH2_CFG1 0x00
0 0x43 CH2_CFG2 0xc9
0 0x44 CH2_CFG3 0x80
0 0x45 CH2_CFG4 0x00
0 0x48 CH3_CFG2 0xc9
0 0x49 CH3_CFG3 0x80
0 0x4A CH3_CFG4 0x00
0 0x4D CH4_CFG2 0xc9
0 0x4E CH4_CFG3 0x80
0 0x4F CH4_CFG4 0x00
0 0x6B DSP_CFG0 0x01
0 0x6C DSP_CFG1 0x48
0 0x70 AGC_CFG0 0x00
0 0x71 GAIN_CFG 0x00
0 0x73 IN_CH_EN 0x80
0 0x74 ASI_OUT_CH_EN 0xc0
0 0x75 PWR_CFG 0x00
0 0x76 DEV_STS0 0x00
0 0x77 DEV_STS1 0xc0
0 0x7E I2C_CKSUM 0xc2
1 0x00 PAGE_CFG 0x01
1 0x1E VAD_CFG1 0x20
1 0x1F VAD_CFG2 0x08