PCM1808-Q1: About exceeding the limit of tr/tf given in the datasheet

Part Number: PCM1808-Q1

Hello, Team,

We would like to know two things about tr/tf of I2S signal for PCM1808QPWRQ1.

  1. Datasheet spec is 20ns (max); what would happen if we exceed that limit?
    What kind of risk do we need to consider?
  2. Would it be possible to provide actual limit value of tr/tf maybe measured using EVM?
    We are aware that even if the actual value is larger than 20ns, what we can guarantee is what is given in the datasheet.

Background of this question is that we want to reduce the BCK of I2S as a countermeasure for EMC.
When we actually measured in our setting, tr/tf was ~24ns...we would like to make sure if that has a potential risk.

Best Regards,
Masaru Oinaga