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TLV320AIC3254: AIC3254 not shutting down analog blocks

Part Number: TLV320AIC3254

I'm having trouble shutting down AIC3254 into super low power mode. Even after shutting down the analog blocks (page 1, 0x02,0x08) the VREF = 0.9V so they are still active. 

Any ideas why? I even connected my EVM to my board to control the I2C directly from the AIC GUI. No matter what combination of settings I enable/disable... I'm still getting VREF=0.9V and the analog blocks staying on. 

I can't find any app note or information on the correct shutdown sequence for the AIC3254. 

this is my shutdown sequence. 

case 1 : if(i2c_writep(0,0x40,0x0C))step++; break; // mute DAC output
case 2 : amp_off(); step++;break; // turn off the amplifier
case 3 : if(i2c_writep(0,27,0x00))step++; break; // set clocks as inputs
case 4 : if(i2c_writep(0,0x3F,0x14))step++; break; // power down DAC
case 5 : if(i2c_writep(0,0x51,0x00))step++; break; // power down ADC
case 6 : if(i2c_writep(0,0x56,0x02)) step++; break; // agc off // for some reason this is keeping the codec from turning back on!
case 7 : if(i2c_writep(0,0x5E,0x02)) step++; break; // agc off // for some reason this is keeping the codec from turning back on!
case 8 :if(i2c_writep(0,11,0x02)) step++; break; // NDAC = 2, divider powered OFF
case 9 : if(i2c_writep(0,0x05,0x14))step++; break; // turn off the PLL codec 1 wait 10ms
case 10 : if(i2c_writep(1,0x33,0x38)); step++; break; // disable mic bias 3.3V
case 11 : if(i2c_writep(1,0x09,0x00))step++; break; // all outputs off
case 12 : if(i2c_writep(1,0x01,0x08))step++; break; // // disable weak AVDD and DVdd
case 13 : if(i2c_writep(1,10,0x01))step++; break; // reset values for common mode control register
case 14 : if(i2c_writep(1,0x02,0x08))step++; break; // power down analogue blocks and LDO