TPA3110D2: Max Peak Current Draw?

Part Number: TPA3110D2


The datasheet mentions 

"peak currents expected for the amplifier"

What is the peak current-draw from the power supply? I cannot find this info in the datasheet. 

I don't mean continuous. I mean brief transients in the audio.

I assume peak current is much higher than the continuous rating. 

  • Hi Johny,

    the peak current usually means the  peak amplitude on the load

    if you want to calculate the current from the power supply, you should take the efficiency in account. 

  • What's the formula in mono mode, to calculate current-draw?

    30W / Vsupply x 1/efficiency?


    30W / 24 V x (1 / 0.9)

    = 1.39A ?

    But this seems to be continuous output. 

    Does the same formula apply to peak transients? 

    Can peak transients exceed the rated amplifier power?

  • Hi Johny,

    regarding the peak current on load, I usually use the peak output voltage/R, here the R could be load resistance for draft calculate. then in your formula, you can change the "30w" to (peak voltage*peak current) on load. this will be the transient current.