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ADC6140EVM-PDK: Compatibility with TAS6424LQ1EVM

Part Number: ADC6140EVM-PDK
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TAS6424, , TAS6424LQ1EVM, TLV320ADC6140

Hi Team,

Need your confirmation on our customer's query. Is the ADC6140EVM-PDK compatible with the TAS6424LQ1EVM? Their speculation is that they can use the I2S output from the ADC to connect to the TAS6424 amplifier.

The intention is to convert from a microphone to a digital signal (I2S) that can then be amplified by the TAS6424.

Thanks in advance!

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  • Jejomar,

    Yes, you can share the TDM/I2S bus from the ADC6140 EVM with the TAS6424. However, the XMOS processor on the TLV320ADC6140 EVM (AC-MB) acts as the master and drives the clock directly to the TLV320ADC6140. To share the TDM bus with the TAS6424, you will need to set up the DIP switch on the AC-MB to external ASI. To have the TLV320ADC6140 as master and drive the clocks to the TAS6424, you will need to supply MCLK to the External ASI header. Unfortunately, XMOS does not supply MCLK to this header, so this would need to be generated externally. You can tap this from the TAS6424 EVM out of the TAS1020 device from J8 (MCLK). Then remove the inline resistors R42, R43, and R44 of the TAS6424 EVM so an external I2S can be wired from the TLV320ADC6140 EVM to the TAS6424. hen you can wire from the External ASI header of the TLV320ADC6140 EVM to the TAS6424 EVM headers J9 (BCLK), J10 (FSYNC), and J11 (DOUT).

    To program the TLV320ADC6140 as master, follow the instructions on this Configuring and Operating TLV320ADCx140 as Audio Bus Master.

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