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PCM1753: What should I do with the pcm1753 register setting?

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Part Number: PCM1753

I would like to set a register of pcm1753 using spi communication

Is there an example related to this?

  • GeonHee,

    The exact conditions depend on what configuration you require in your system.  By default, the PCM1753 is configured as shown below:

    If you require other configurations, you will need to address those registers.



  • In reply to Paul_Frost:

    SPI communication waveform to set register20.

    However, the format of PCM1753 does not change.

    I need to use a 16bit right-justufued data format.

    Can you find a problem?

  • In reply to GeonHee Moon:


    That waveform looks correct to me.  Can you confirm that the device is correctly powered?  What frequency is your SCK, LRCK, and BCK?



  • In reply to Paul_Frost:

    Do you need SCK,LRCK,BCK waveforms?

    Unfortunately, I2S-related waveforms cannot be measured.

    However, when tested using PCM1754 on the same board, the wave file output was smooth.

    After changing to PCM1753, it is not outputted.

  • In reply to GeonHee Moon:

    Can you share your schematic?

  • In reply to Paul_Frost:

    I'm working normally at pcm1754, do you need a schematic?