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TSW14J56EVM: Re-Arming Trigger with HSDC

Part Number: TSW14J56EVM


I'm currently using the TSW14J56 eval board (labeled "PCB REV E") with the TSW54J60EVM (Rev B) ADC board. Using the HSDC Pro (v5.20) software (both directly and via the Matlab automation interface), I'm able to capture data from the ADC without issue, including with a single external trigger. However, when I select the option to auto re-arm the trigger and choose some number of triggers, the device no longer seems to see the triggers and won't capture data. If I click the "Show Trigger Status" button, the status box that shows up likewise indicates that no triggers have been seen ("Number of Triggers Occurred" stays at zero), regardless of how many external trigger signals I send.

Are multiple, auto re-armed trigger captures supported for these boards?

I'm ultimately interested in capturing short, triggered bursts of data, say around 100 microseconds, for triggers that are separated by many milliseconds.


  • Hi Brian,

    I am checking into this and will get back to you soon.

    Regards, Amy

  • Hi Brian,

    I set up a ADS54J60 and TSW14J56 in the lab and tested it out. I see the same behavior that you are describing. I will reach out to our software team to address this and get back with you. 

    Regards, Amy

  • Thanks Amy, I appreciate it.

  • Hi Brian,

    Our software team has solved the issue, thank you for bringing it to our attention. The customer will need to use the ‘TSW14J56REVD_ADC_DDR_DAC_BRAM_256KB_XCVR_FIRMWARE’, which is required to support the Auto Rearm trigger feature.

    In HSDC Pro, select the ‘Instrument Options’ dropdown at the top and ‘Download Firmware’. It should by default open to the folder containing the firmware for the TSW14J56. It does not, navigate to the Texas Instruments -> High Speed Data Converter Pro folder -> 14J56revD -> Firmware folder and select the ‘TSW14J56REVD_ADC_DDR_DAC_BRAM_256KB_XCVR_FIRMWARE’. The Auto Re-Arm Trigger status pop up should then update based on the number of triggers.

    Regards, Amy

  • Thank you, this did the trick!

    For others' future reference, the exact folder I found the firmware file in (from default install settings on Windows) was "C:\Program Files (x86)\Texas Instruments\High Speed Data Converter Pro\14J56revD Details\Firmware". The firmware file has a ".rbf" file extension.