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12 bit delta-sigma ADC

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Привет. Подскажите, пожалуйста, 10-12 разрядные дельта-сигма АЦП, обеспечивающие затухание на частоте 50 Гц. Я не могу получить стабильные показания на OPA 2188 с помощью обычных АЦП (Attiny 261A) при измерении температуры с помощью Pt 1000.

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  • Hello. Tell me, please, 10-12 bit delta-sigma ADCs that provide attenuation at a frequency of 50 Hz. I can't get stable readings on OPA 2188 with conventional ADCs (Attiny 261A) when measuring temperature with Pt 1000

  • Hi Serhii,

    Welcome to the E2E forum! For the Delta-Sigma ADC there either needs to be a specific FIR filter or a Sinc filter at 50Hz (or 10Hz) output data rate to produce the notch.  This capability usually comes with devices that are 16 bits or higher.  With the lower bit devices (12-14 bits) the output data rates are much higher and 50Hz will be within the passband of the ADC.

    You have not specified a desired interface type or supply range.  As one possible option, take a look at the ADS1119 (16-bit) which has an FIR notch filter for 50/60Hz rejection  at 20sps output data rate.  This device has an I2C interface.

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  • Thank you very much for your answer, but yesterday I still managed to achieve acceptable readings for a conventional 10-bit ADC, so the issue is closed for my current project. Your colleague Luis Chioye helped me a lot with this. If in the future I need a higher resolution, then I will definitely take your advice.