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DAC8562EVM running with DXP problem

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Hi Guys
I'm trying to run DAC8562EVM with MMB0 modular EVM, but find issues when running DXP.
After installing DXP, the DAC config file downloader pops up and ask me to download DAC device file. But none of these device files could be downloaded. "Unable to download xxxx.xml" is reported.
Could you help me to solve that? If downloader couldn't work, could you directly provide the DAC8562 configuration file to me and tell me which folder to put it in?
Thank you!

  • This issue was handled offline.

    Currently the quickest fix is using the XML file attached. Please find the instructions below.

    <?xml version="1.0"?>


    After the DXP software installs, copy the DAC8562.xml file into the “Devices” directory that the installer created. Typically located in ‘C:\Users\Public\Documents\DXP\Devices’. If you cannot find the “Devices” directory, go the DXP install directory, typically “C:\Program Files\DXP” and open the file “DXP.ini”. Locate the line that starts with “DXPDevices”; it will contain the location of the “Devices” directory.


    If you run into any problems, please let us know and we can help you resolve this issue.

  • Hi Eugenio,

    i am having same problem. can you please provide DAC8562T.xml file because i am using DAC8562TEVM with MMB0 board.
    i would be very greatful to you.

    kind regards,

  • Hi,

    can i use DAC8562.xml file for DAC8562TEVM?

    Kind regards,

  • You can use the DAC8562.xml with the DAC8562T.
  • Hi Eugenio,

    i have copied DAS8562.xml file in device folder. but now when i start DXP and connect MMB0 board. it does not detect MMB0 board and status shows that `waiting for usb device`. how can resolve thios problem. MMB0 driver is already installed on my PC. please advise any solution.

    kind regards,

  • By any chance, did you install DXP before connecting the MMB0 to the PC? There is a known issue when connecting the MMB0 before DXP is installed.

    Otherwise, I would suggest powering down the MMB0 and trying again after restarting your system.
  • Hi,

    i followed your instructions and restarted my system and power down the board. but still it is not working with DXP. Although  MMB0 board works with ADCPro. i have ADC Module, it works fine with ADC Pro. i uninstalled DXP and installed it again but still issue exists.

    Kind regards,


  • Hi Akhtar,

    Can you verify if go to to "Device Manager" in Windows, can you you see this driver when the MMB0 is connected? As in the picture below.

    Does DXP display an error? Can I get a screen capture of that?

  • Hi,

    I have the same issue with DXP USB waiting, leading to timeout. Can you suggest solution for this as I tried re-starting DXP & removing USB. It is exact same as above with MMB0 displayed in device manager. Let me know if you can help out.



  • Philip,

    What version of Windows do you have the software installed on?