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Disabling TI DSP in motherboard MMB0 for DAC EVM

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I have query on the TI TMS320VC5507 DSP used in the MMB0 motherboard which mates with standard DAC evaluation boards (such as the DAC8811EVM). I would like to disable the DSP & control DAC SPI via a host (FPGA) processor. Can this be easily done? The advantage of the motherboard is to provide the voltages to the DAC EVM board under test. In particular from the EVM manual:

"For the MMB0, the supplied 6-V ac/dc converter is all that is necessary.... This supply provides all power to the digital portion of the DAC8811EVM as well as all necessary power for the DSP. Clean, well-regulated analog power for the DAC8811EVM should be supplied externally via J14, a six-position screw terminal mounted in the lower left corner of the MMB0 board."

Furthermore if J13 jumpers are is place you can also supply analog power (+5VA & -5VA), acceptably clean for my application.

"The 5V from the adapter can be connected to the +VA or the +5VA by installing a jumper across JP13A or JP13B".

Hence full powering of DAC8580/81 EVM should be possible, utilising the female connector J6 (bottom side), plugged into the MMB0 motherboard.

Hence to interface to my own host processor I would like to use the MMB0 board with DAC EVM, turning off (HiZ) the DSP control. Is this possible?

Let me know if you can help.