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ADC10D1500RB: Firmware coding of FPGA And api Coding in VC

Part Number: ADC10D1500RB


I have several questions to refer to you expert

1. Is the FFT computation of WAVEVISION5 implemented in my PC or on the FPGA board? If on the PC, can I program the FPGA to achieve the 8k point FFT and then transmit the spectrum data into my PC?

2. And is any firmware coding manual for the board to download, so that I can know how to deal with the acquired data in the memory, and avoid my FPGA coding overwriting the firmware already on the board?

3. If I want to call the functions in the GUI (like finding the board, trigger, sampling, etc), can I get some programming  library (like C++) of TI for the board to call these functions? I don’t need the GUI. Because I want to trigger my signal source and simultaneously  trigger the sampling of 8k points in a “for loop” 10k times per second, I think programming is more convenient. Moreover, the response rate of the GUI is far more slower than my application, which seems can only be solved by programming.

Thanks sincerely for your help.



  • Hi Jinxi
    The ADC10D1500RB and Wavevision5 are an older platform developed by National Semiconductor. We can't provide any detailed support regarding GUI automation etc. I would recommend considering a newer ADC platform, something like the ADC12J4000EVM (or ADC12DJ2700EVM for a dual) and TSW14J56EVM or TSW14J57EVM along with High Speed Data Converter Pro software. There is support for automation of that software and the source code for the capture FPGA is available.
    Here are answers to your questions about the ADC10D1500RB:
    1) The FFT calculations are done in the WAVEVISION5 software.
    2) We no longer support the FPGA source code for that board.
    3) See my recommendation above regarding a newer supported platform.
    Best regards,
    Jim B
  • Thank you Jim for your detailed help!

    Seems that now TI separate the sampler and the processor in new platform, and increase the performance dramatically, along with the convenience for programming a lot, right?

    Another question is , why the ADC board is as  cheap as a single ADC chip? And why board with different chip sells the same price? Any cheaper board for my 1GSPS application?

  • Hi Jinxi
    We generally try to price the EVMs at least as high as the price of the ADC, but don't add too much more. We want the EVM to be reasonably priced so customers can evaluate our device and decide to design their own system using our product.
    Here are two of the lowest cost EVMs at >=1GSPS and >=10 bit resolution:
    Best regards,
    Jim B
  • Do these 2 boards contain the low pass filter or Balun which undesirably remove my component from 10mhz to 400mhz?

  • Hi Jinxi
    The ADC12J1600EVM has the same balun (as the ADC12J4000EVM) which limits low frequency usage.
    The ADS54J20EVM uses a balun (Mini-Circuits ADT1-1WT) with better low frequency response, and should work well for your 10MHz to 400MHz needs.
    Best regards,
    Jim B