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ADC12J4000EVM: Low frequency input

Part Number: ADC12J4000EVM
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: LMH5401, ADC12J4000, TSW14J57EVM

Hi Jim

My input signal is from 10MHz to 400MHz, if this board work in 1GSPS mode, will my low frequency component pass into the system? And is there any on board analog band pass filter?

Can I use the board individually without the TSW12J54EVM? I mean, can we develop controlling of this board by ourself, if we get the pin definition and control of the FMC interface?



  • Hi Jinxi
    The default configuration of the ADC12J4000EVM uses an on-board balun for single-ended input to differential conversion. This balun has a low frequency cutoff of around 300-400 MHz. The board can be reconfigured by removing several components and installing several components. In this configuration an external amplifier or balun board can be used which covers the needed signal frequency range. The ADC-WB-BB external balun board is one potential external balun board that can be used.
    Reconfiguring the EVM is discussed in these earlier E2E threads:
    Please note the TSW12J54EVM is an EVM that includes the ADC12J4000 ADC along with the LMH5401 high speed amplifier. It is not used to capture data from the ADC12J4000EVM.
    The ADC12J4000 requires an FMC Carrier Board to capture the high speed JESD204B data. The TI provided TSW14J56EVM and TSW14J57EVM are the recommended platforms for best ease of use with TI High Speed Data Converter Pro software. In this configuration the ADC12J4000EVM GUI is used to configure the ADC and clock devices on the ADC12J4000EVM. HSDC Pro software configures and controls the TSW14J5xEVM and performs display/analysis of the ADC data.
    It is possible to use other FMC carrier boards with the ADC12J4000EVM. We offer some HSDC Pro support for the following Xilinx FPGA development boards:
    VC707, ZC706, KCU105, KC705(decimation modes only)
    TI does not provide software/firmware support for configuration of the ADC and clocking devices via the FMC connector. The ADC12J4000EVM can be reconfigured to allow FMC based configuration of the on-board devices. This requires removing and installing a number of on-board resistors to redirect the SPI signal paths. The ADC12J4000EVM Design Package includes the EVM schematic. The SPI connection details are shown on the right side of sheet 6 of the schematics. To enable FMC control, the 100 ohm resistors on the FTDI_ signals need to be removed, and the 100 ohm resistors for the FMC_ signals need to be added.
    I hope this is helpful.
    Best regards,
    Jim B