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AMC1304M05-Q1: AMC1304

Part Number: AMC1304M05-Q1
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TMS320F28075, TIDA-01094

I will be measuring the inductor current in a dual interleaved boost converter and the inductor current of an inverter.

1) In the examples presented in datasheet of the AMC1304, its used to measure currents of a half bride topology or full bridge, will it work when measuring the inductor current of a boost converter?

2) For powering the AMC1304, I will be stepping down 80V to 12V using an isolated power supply (flyback converter) to power the 12V side of the AMC1304 and an isolated high side low side gate diver, this 12V then gets stepped down again using a non-isolated power supply to 3.3V for powering of a TMS320F28075 dsp and the 3.3V side of the AMC1304. In the datasheet of the AMC1304, a floating power supply is used to power its 12V side. Since I'll be using three AMC1304 for current measurement will my method of power supply work correctly, (80V to 12V isolated) (12V to 3.3V non isolated)?

  • Hi Paul,

    For Q1, yes, you can use the AMC1304 for this type of  application.

    For Q2, perhaps I'm missing something here - stepping the 80V down to 12V for the LDOIN of the AMC1304 is fine, but using that same 12V to drop to 3.3V for the DVDD rail and the DSP power sounds like you are bypassing the isolation all together.  Can you provide a block diagram or schematic showing how you intend to hook everything up?

  • I did read the TIDA-01094 where the AMC1304 is used for current sensing. A zener diode voltage regulator is used as a floating power supply for each AMC1304 used in current sensing. 

    Like you've said, there is no isolation between the 12V and 3.3V and I do agree with you that isolation is being bypassed. 

    I think I will use a zener diode regulator to provide floating power supply to the high side of the AMC1304 used in current sensing and an isolated power supply will be used for stepping down from 12V to 3.3V. 

  • Great!  Do let us know how your project works out!