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ADS1278: ADCPro+ADS1278EVM crashes frequently (Win7)

Part Number: ADS1278
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I see a symptom similar to that in the "Related Thread" above, but over there the discussion diverted and I see no resolution to the original question.

I am using ADCPro 2.0.1 with ADS1278EVM plugin 2.0.0 [MMB0] (downloaded last week) on a 32-bit Windows 7 system. (I had similar symptoms on a 64-bit Win10 machine, but after seeing that Win10 is unsupported  I moved.)

I cannot get ADCPro to collect data reliably.  Out of maybe 40 attempts over this week, I have only twice succeeded in running a session for more than about 2 minutes. The symptom is a LabView error (see below) either during setup or during data collection, after which the program (per Windows) "stops working". The messages seem to point to the USB driver, but I leave that to the experts.

What I am asking it to do is (seemingly) modest: Single channel, Low Power or High Resolution mode (52ksps), Scope or FFT application, no peculiar settings.

I don't know how to diagnose this further. Can someone suggest something? Thanks.


Each of these errors is from a different run (since the program crashed afterward). Maybe the tracebacks mean something to someone.

The first error is right after loading the plug-in, selecting the Settings tab.

The second is trying to select a new Operating Mode in the Settings tab.

The third occurred after running the scope for < 1 minute.

  • Hi Bruce,

    The software has been modified to work on Windows 7, but it was originally developed on XP, and is most reliable in the older system.

    Unfortunately, we no longer have access to the tools to update or fix any older issues that may have shown up on newer operating systems, or PC configurations.

    The software does work well in most cases for taking a single block of data (<2 seconds).  The continuous mode will collect multiple blocks of data, but if left running will typically crash within a 2min to 10min timeframe on most modern PC's.


  • OK, fair enough. Knowing that, we can work with it.

    As one experiment, we did try changing the Compatibility to each of XP and Vista, which made no visible difference. (I don't really know what exactly the Compatibility thing does, but sometimes the magic works anyway.)