pls recommend a A/D converter

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hello, could you recommend an A/D converter, below is the requirement:

8 channel analog input ( must have), single or differential input

8 channel I2S output ( better to have) or other interface ( less prefer)

sampling rate >192KHz per channel

  • Hello YY,

    The requirements for an 8-channel, 192kHz/channel, ADC in a single-IC is not a solution we currently offer at the time of this posting from the Audio ADC portfolio.  I believe we'll be able to construct the desired solution out of more than one device, could we contact you directly to learn more about the application and how we can craft a solution together that will work?  Also, you didn't mention performance - what types of dynamic range performance levels are you interested in?  90-100dB, 100-110dB, >110dB 

    I2S is natively stereo but there are extensions that allow for a multi-channel I2S where the first 4 channels appear in the "L" slot and the next 4 channels appear in the "R" slot.  TDM is a bit more common for 8-channel interfaces, but we have devices that support standard I2S, multi-SDOUT I2S, and also multi-slot I2S and TDM.

  • thank you. what i want is 8 channel ADC, >192K Hz sampling rate, no need is an audio ADC, other ADC also ok for me ( it is not for audio application). no special requirement for dynamic range or audio quality.

    pls recommend some multi-SDOUT I2S, multi-slot I2S and TDM chip to me. I will take a look at them. 


  • Hello,

    We can accomplish this with two ICs, but not one.  The closest in a single-chip is the non-Audio ADS1278, which can sample 8 channels simultaneously at 144kSPS and is often used for Audio/AC analysis.

    With two IC's you have many more options and 8-channels at 192kSPS can be accomplished with:

    2x TLV320ADC6140 (113dB), TLV320ADC5140 (108dB) or TLV320ADC3140 (106dB)

    2x PCM4204 (118dB)

    2x  PCM1865 (110dB)

  • thanks. i will check these chips.