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DAC38RF82EVM: GUI, impossible write command on windows 10

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Part Number: DAC38RF82EVM


We can't get the DAC38RFxx EVM GUI v3p1 interface to work with the DAC38RF82EVM evaluation board.

All our tests were performed on a Windows 10 EN machine (United States).

The evaluation board is well recognized by the computer (Device manager).

The DAC38RFxx EVM GUI software detects the evaluation board and does not display any error messages at startup.


By navigating on the " Low Level " tab, it is impossible to modify the value of the registers. Indeed, when writing the value 0x01 in register 0x02 of the LMK04828, this value is not taken into account by the LMK and then return 0x00. It does the same with all registers.


The command to write to the registers of the LMK04828 and DAC38RF82 via the GUI interface do not work.

We also tested the board with different versions of FTDI drivers (v2.10.00 and v2.12.28), without success.

Could you please tell us how to make the DAC38RFxx EVM GUI v3p1 software work on our windows machines?

Thank you very much

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    What is an "EN" machine? I am not familiar with this term you used. Do you have another PC you can try? How much current is the 5V input drawing? Make sure this source can provide at least 3A.



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    In reply to jim s:


    You cannot read any registers from either the DAC or LMK until you click on the "LOAD DEFAULT" button on quick start tab. Both parts have 3-wire and 4-wire SPI modes and the loading of the defaults sets both to the correct setting to allow the GUI to execute proper read functions.   



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    EN = ENGLISH version of windows 10

    I tried with two different computers (Windows 10 and Windows 7), the problem persists.

    The electronic board is connected to a GPP-4325 power supply set to 5v, 3A.

    The procedure I followed is the following:

    1 : Turn ON power supply 5V 3A

    2 : Start the DAC38RFxxEVM GUI v3p1 as Administrator

    3: Toggle “RESET” button

    4: Press “LOAD DEFAULT” button and wait the end of process

    5: Go to “LOW level VI” tab

    6: At this step, it is impossible to write or read registers…

    Do you have a newer version of this software, compiled under windows 10?




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    In reply to alain PERILHON:


    You are using the latest version of the GUI. I would suggest you ask for a replacement board.

    If you bought this from a distributor, you will have to work with them to get a replacement. If you bought it from the TI Store, the following link has the details and a link to the form to start the return process.  Once you are on the returns and refunds page of the TI Store look for the hyperlink which says: TI store customer support form.