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[FAQ] DLP3021-Q1: Dynamic Ground Projection FAQs

Part Number: DLP3021-Q1
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: DLP3021LEQ1EVM, DLPC120-Q1


This FAQ page is intended to serve as a complete guide for users evaluating and developing Dynamic Ground Projection (DGP) solutions. The DLP3021-Q1 is the TI recommended DMD chipset for DGP applications.

I. Getting Started and Evaluation Flow:

1) Where do I begin?

To determine if DGP technology is appropriate for your application, first review the Getting started with evaluation modules and software tools for dynamic ground projection technical article. TI recommends users to purchase the DLP3021LEQ1EVM DLP3021-Q1 dynamic ground projector evaluation module for a hands-on experience to observe the performance of a complete electronic and optical subsystem.

2) What do I need to run the DGP evaluation module?

For an overview of the hardware setup and software requirements to run the DLP3021LEQ1EVM, view the following videos:

• Getting started with the DLP3021LEQ1EVM - Hardware: 

• Getting started with the DLP3021LEQ1EVM - Software: 

The DLP3021LEQ1EVM includes all of the hardware required to run the evaluation module, but the user will need to download and install the following:

• DLP3021-Q1 Composer Project and FPGA Configuration

• DLP Composer for DLP3021-Q1

• DLP Control Program for the DLP3021-Q1 DMD

The DLP3021LEQ1EVM Evaluation Module User's Guide includes a detailed description and procedure of installing and downloading each software tool.

3) How do I customize the image/video content of the DGP evaluation module?

• Getting started with the DLP3021LEQ1EVM - Software: 

II. Custom DGP Hardware:

1) Should I use the DGP evaluation module schematic as a reference for my own design?

DLP3021LEQ1EVM Design Files

DLP3021LEQ1EVM Optical Design and Overview

Series 247 DMD Mounting and Electrical Interconnect Information

DLP3021-Q1 DMD with package FQR (Series 247) 3D-CAD Geometry

2) Are there any third-party optical suppliers that can help with my design?

TQ Technology (Taiwan/EU)

iView Displays (China)

Sunny Optical (China)


Osram (EU)

Sekonix (Korea)

Coretronic (Taiwan)

3) How do I determine the brightness requirements of my solution?

Dynamic Ground Projection Application Requirements

DLP-DGP-BRIGHTNESS-CALC — Dynamic ground projection brightness estimation calculator

4) How do I determine the memory requirement of my solution?

DLP3021-Q1 Dynamic Ground Projection System Design

5) How do I use my own host controller to communicate to the DGP evaluation module?

DLP3021-Q1 FPGA User's Guide

MSP430 Example Code

6) How do I send real-time video data to the DGP evaluation module?

DLPC120-Q1 instead of FPGA DMD controller.