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DLP4710EVM-LC: Use problem

Part Number: DLP4710EVM-LC

Hi team,

The customer encountered the following situations during use. The customer suspected that there was a problem with EVM itself. Could you help to find out the reasons?

"When I connect the DMD to power and HDMI, there is nothing happened. So I unplug the LED from DMD, connect it with 3v power, all LED is working."

Thanks & Reagrds,


  • Hi, 

    In fact, it has worked normally. however, one day when I start it, it not work.  When I push the button (normallly when I push the button, some pic should be displaied.), it not work. 

    I tryed to re connect all plugs, and even test all LEDs. in fact LED is OK, they can all work when added 3.3V power. 

  • Hi User,

    Can you please confirm if the DLP4710EVM-LC was working properly before, but the EVM suddenly stopped working? Can you describe what action you did between?

    What is the state of LEDs D43, D57,D36, D33, and D34 after turning SW28 and SW21 ON?

    Also, can you please provide the Firmware and GUI version you are using?



  • Hi, Thank you. In fact, I am the user.    

    You know, we are developing a new projector based on DLP 4710, so we have to remove the optics from EVM.   So, one morning when we try to light the EVM, we failed.  I am sorry I cannot make sure what operation make the EVM being problem.   But In fact, we are very urgent for the project.  We hope to return the EVM and Get a new one or repaire this one.  I preferred some agent in China which is faster . 

  • Hi Gang Li,

    We need more details to know if the EVM has damaged or not. 

    When you said "one morning when we try to light the EVM, we failed", do you remove the optics when it's failed?

    Can you please share the application when the optics need to be removed if it's convenient?

    Do you mean you need to remove LEDs for your application, all LEDs or a single LED?



  • Hi,   When I said, "we failed". I means whenwe re-assambly all optics and LEDs into original one, and then when I push the button, the EVM can not work as before.    But maybe it is misunderstanding that when we try to use out optics it also worked at first time. And one morning it did not work. 

    And by the way, when I said "it works" I means some light to be out of optics; while when I said "it not works" I means the LEDs (original one) have no light when I push the button. 

  • Hi Gang Li,

    I would recommend you to check the hardware connections and re-flash the latest version of FW for DLP4710-LC EVM. You can find the firmware from Firmware Selector Tool here:

    It would help us identify what the issue might be if you can provide the information that mentioned before:

    "What is the state of LEDs D43, D57,D36, D33, and D34 after turning SW28 and SW21 ON?

    Can you please provide the Firmware and GUI version you are using?"

    Also, the warranty on TI EVM is 90 days. If your EVM is under warranty, you would need to contact the TI customer support team from your region. 

    However, we are glad to guide to find the technical issue in this forum. 



  • Sorry, The SW has no feed back. it can not connect to the PCB board.    

    I have picture, but can not trasfer it to you. 

    "EVM status: no connected. "    

    And "What is the state of LEDs D43, D57, D36 , D33 and D34". When Power on, D43 and D57 is light.. Then Push the button,  anther LED D56 have shined for less one secone, and at same time D57 is off.    but for some second later, D57 will be on it seff. 

  • The firm wire you send to me tell us the GUI SW version is, and other two SW version ar

  • In fact, I think the PCB is out of work anymore.    I can Guess that power supply meet some problem, maybe certai component is ruined. 

    And How can I get to contact with tie TI customer support team locally?    

  • Hi Gang Li,

    Based on your observation, the EVM FW version you read as because the EVM status shows not connected. Please refer to the below table for normal operation on DLP4710-LC EVM LEDs which shown in DLP4710EVM-LC Light Control EVM User's Guide:

    I've checked the return policy with the team. Unfortunately, TI EVM does not qualify for RMA if they disassembled and get damaged. 

    Also, TI does not offer repair services or replacement parts for EVM. 



  • Oh, That Means I have to Buy another one. 

    And Can you tell me the type of the PCB. I need only the PCB, I do't need the optics and LEDs.  I only need the PCB urgently 

  • Anyway, thank you. And I have a suggestion to you.

    Next time, you can tell me the policy at very begining. At least, we don't need to waste time for a whole week. 

    In fact, the questions and answer of this week have noting except the last one. 

  • Gang, 

    Thanks for the feedback. I will close the ticket now.