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DLP2000: How to use DLP2000EVM with BBBAndroid

Part Number: DLP2000
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: DLPC2607, DLPDLCR2000EVM


First of all I'm sorry to create the thread but I'm new to the field and after some days I can't figure out how to do it.

I've been going through the forum but I haven't been able to find a somewhat end-to-end example to use BBBAndroid and DLP2000EVM.

I understand that I must use these files: to make a BBBAndroid build that is compatible with DLP2000EVM.

But honestly I don't know how to do it, I haven't found any information about it or any example.

After the build is done, should I configure anything? Or could it be plug & play?

Thank you very much, Adria

  • Hello Adria,

    Welcome to the E2E forum! Thank you for your business.

    Have you successfully installed Android on the Beaglebone Black (BBB)? Here is a detailed tutorial on how to do so.

    Once Android is installed, port the DLPDLCR2000EVM cape overlay (.dtbo file)) from the provided Debian distro to your Android installation. If the Debian distro is not installed, the video pin mapping will not be configured on the BBB and the video will not actually be connected to the DLPC2607. The cape overlay files can be found in the E2E post you linked above.



  • Thank you very much, I tried to follow the tutorial but I get:

    repo init -u git:// -m rowboat-jb-am335x.xml
    Downloading Repo source from
    remote: Finding sources: 100% (3/3)
    remote: Total 3 (delta 2), reused 3 (delta 2)
    Unpacking objects: 100% (3/3), 423 bytes | 423.00 KiB/s, done.
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "/home/totolia/android/.repo/repo/", line 705, in <module>
      File "/home/totolia/android/.repo/repo/", line 681, in _Main
        result = repo._Run(name, gopts, argv) or 0
      File "/home/totolia/android/.repo/repo/", line 228, in _Run
        result = run()
      File "/home/totolia/android/.repo/repo/", line 219, in <lambda>
        run = lambda: self._RunLong(name, gopts, argv) or 0
      File "/home/totolia/android/.repo/repo/", line 314, in _RunLong
        result = cmd.Execute(copts, cargs)
      File "/home/totolia/android/.repo/repo/subcmds/", line 325, in Execute
      File "/home/totolia/android/.repo/repo/subcmds/", line 116, in _SyncManifest
        if not self.manifest.manifestProject.Sync(
      File "/home/totolia/android/.repo/repo/", line 3742, in Sync
        default_branch = self.ResolveRemoteHead()
      File "/home/totolia/android/.repo/repo/", line 2046, in ResolveRemoteHead
        output = self.bare_git.ls_remote('-q', '--symref', '--exit-code', name, 'HEAD')
      File "/home/totolia/android/.repo/repo/", line 3216, in runner
        raise GitError('%s %s: %s' %
    error.GitError: manifests ls-remote: fatal: unable to connect to[0:]: errno=Connection refused

    On the other hand, you comment that I have to move a dtbo file, but I can't find said file, I only have a dts file and another called dump (using the link). On the other hand, in the tutorial, I can't find when the dts/dump or dtbo are added. When are they added? (as I understand that in the build step). 

    Maybe the question is very simple but my knowledge about compiling the linux or android kernel is zero and I'm a bit lost.


  • Hello Adria,

    We will look into your issue and get back to you next week. Thank you very much for your patience.



  • Hello,

    At which step of the tutorial did you get the output? According to the output, it appears that the error occurred due to being unable to connect to the website ''. This is understandable as the site was acquired and no longer exists. It is possible that the files located there have been moved to another unknown location.

    The .dtbo file can be found here in this GitHub repository under the 'tools' folder.

    The Quick Start Tutorial for the BBB may be helpful to familiarize yourself with the BBB and to verify that the standard usage of the BBB works correctly. As a side note, ensure that you use a Debian 'Flasher' image instead of the recommended Debian image. In addition, the Beagleboard forum may have useful information on setting up Android.



  • Thank you very much for the answer, if it seems that there is no way to know how to follow that link.

    I'm already using BBB with debian, the problem is that I'm doing a project where I want to run a small 3D game and I need hardware acceleration for 3D graphics. Basically I want to run godot via apk or using:

    And also I'm having alot of problems with the SGX drivers...

  • Hello Adria,

    You may want to reach out to BBB forum for help on this subject. Due to limited resources, we focus on DLP technology and may be one reference implementation. 

    Thank you for your understanding.