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DLPNIRNANOEVM: DLPNIRNANOEVM: NirScanNano Library implementation questions


Hello, We are using a DLPSpectrum Library 2.0.3. Our goal is to get the data from the NIR sensor in a required wavelength range with its corresponding raw data. Reading the documentation we understood that we need to generate a configuration and we have the option to write it using dlpspec_scan_write_configuration() function however it's still hard to understand how to get the actual data from the sensor.
The dlpspec_scan_read_data() function which we supposed is meant for reading data from the sensor in fact is reading data which was written by the dlpspec_scan_write_data() function. There is also dlpspec_scan_genPatterns() function which generates patterns and uses calibration coefficients as parameters which are generated from calibration of spectrometer as it is written in documentation..

The first question is which function/functions used in correct order are required to get the data from the sensor and interpret it in a way that it returns 'scanResults' struct object?
The second question is if there is a need of calibration coefficients for one of the functions, what are their values in our device and where can we obtain them? In other words if there is a need of calibration coefficients which steps are required to do the calibration of spectrometer in order to get them?

  • Hello User,

    Please allow the team time to prepare a response for you questions.

    Can you provide information on what FW is currently being used on your EVM?



  • Hi Christian,

    DLP Spectrum library is used to generate patterns for custom scan methods. If you do not need to create a custom scan method and patterns. This library does not include getting the raw scan data from detectors. As that is part of the TIVA Firmware(driver code). The Tiva firmware is also open source and availbale on

    If you are interested on how to get the scan data and calibration co-efficients. Please refer to the Section's H,I, J in NIR Scan Nao user's guide:

    This has information on all supported commands and their descriptions.

    For getting the raw scan data: 

    • Check the scan sataus using NNO_CMD_READ_DEVICE_STATUS
    • Once scan is done without errors: read the available scan data size using NNO_CMD_FILE_GET_READSIZE command
    • Read the scan data using NNO_CMD_FILE_GET_DATA

    Detailed Scan workflow is documented in section 5.2.1 of user's guide.

    Calibration coefficients are stored in EEPROM from Factory. You may read them using the command NNO_CMD_CALIB_STRUCT_READ 


  • Hi Akhil,

    Many thanks for your response.

    We are working on it now and will let you know how it goes.



  • Hi Akhil,

    Can you please send me a link to download the source of Tiva firmware. I did not find it on TI.COM or using google.

    Thanks again for your help,


  • Hi Christian,

    Please find the firmware on DLPNIRNANOEVM product page.