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DLPC4420: DLPC4420 Design

Part Number: DLPC4420
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: DLPC900, DLPC910, DLPC4430, DLPC4422, DLP650NE, 4430


     Currently, I prepare to lauch a project of DMD. Here are some question I want to know.

      1, Can I use DLPC4420 to replace DLPC900 to drive dlp6500? If yes, Could you recomend some reference design?

      2. Can DLPC4420 configure HDMI bridge chips through its built-in I2C?Include work mode and EDID information which is in HDMI bridge chip.

      3. DLPC4420 comes with its own program, so we don't need to develop software, do we?

      4. If dlpc4420 can drive dlp6500, can it be used 0.65_ 1080p_ GUI by usb interface?

    Perhaps there are some unreasonable question, please forgive me a lot.



  • Hi Sunny,

    I actually think this is a reasonable question! I'll assign this thread to my coworker who works on the DLPC4420 to see what he can figure out. Perhaps he and I can work together to figure this out for you?

    Please be patient with us and allow us a 1.5 to 2 weeks to get back to you. Many of us, including my coworker, are taking time off for the holidays and will not return until the new year.

    Best regards,
    Michael Ly

  • Hello Sunny,

    Unfortunately, the DLP6500 DMD is in the chipset family of the DLPC900 and DLPC910 controllers. Although those controllers are similar to the DLPC4422 and DLPC4420/DLPC4430, the DLPC900 and DLPC910 are built for more industrial based applications.

    Could you share what application you would be utilizing these devices in?

    A possible solution - depending on your application - might be a DLPC4430 controller and a DLP650NE (1080p) DMD.



  • In fact, We have found that some companies use DDP4422 to drive DLP6500 and can use 0.65_ 1080p_ GUI upper computer software is used to control DLP65600. We also want to make a low-cost control board. I consulted with TI's FAE engineer and he said that the DDP4422 has been discontinued. He recommended me the DLPC4420 chip.Therefore, I would like to know how DLPC4420 drives DLP6500.Or is there any other low-cost control chip to replace the DLPC900?Thanks a lot.

  • Hi Sunny,

    I was not aware of this, and I am unsure if Aaron was either. We can dig into this, but it may take time due to the holidays.

    I can talk with one of our systems engineers when he gets back on January 3rd since he may have more knowledge on how customers have used the DLPC442x chipset in the past. Aaron has also officially left for vacation, as I made a mistake on what day he would take time off, so I am afraid we cannot answer this for now.

    We are sorry for the delay, but we should have an answer by the end of the first week of January.

    Thanks again for your patience,
    Michael Ly

  • While the DMD is technically electrically compatible with these controllers, the dlp6500 is not supported with the dlpc4422, 4420, or 4430 controllers.   

    It may be technically possible to make it function; but this is unsupported and not warranted by TI (DMD must be used with the supported controllers in the DMD datasheet).

    I am not sure what the “0.65_ 1080p_ GUI” software is.  If this is software for the dlpc900, I don’t believe it is technically possible for it to work with the dlpc442x controllers. The 442x controllers are all video/display based and do not offer any pattern or trigger functions the dlpc900 has.  The software command interface is different.  It should not work.



  • Hi again Sunny,

    Does Gary's answer resolve your questions? If so, may you let us know by checking the resolved button on his answer?

    Thank you very much,
    Michael Ly

  • I don't think it solved my problem. As for why this 0.65_ 1080p_ GUI” software can be used, it should have added a CPLD as a command translation.I have also seen companies using two DDP4421 chips to replace two DLPC900 chips to drive DMD.So I really want to know how the DDP442x series replaces the DLPC900 to work. 

  • These are two different products for two different applications.  The 442x does not have the pattern, exposure, and trigger functions the DLPC900 has.  It is not a matter of simple command translation; the functions do not exist on the 442x.