DLPC910: ROM File for DMD controller

Part Number: DLPC910
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My customer is developing a board using DLP9000 and DLPC910ZYR.

Can you provide a ROM file containing the DMD controller logic for DLPC910ZYR?

For reference, they are using Flash memory (Infineon S25FL256SAGMFI00).

Thank you.


  • Hi ,

    Let me ask my coworker, who has mySecure access to help provide the file.

    I'll send you an E2E request so we can talk about this offline.

    Please be aware that the PROM target for our binary file that targets the SPI PROM is intended for a 32 Mib target and not a 256 Mib target that the customer is using.

    They may require the *.bit file in order to create a new *.mcs, *.bin, *.hex, or whichever extension they require in this case.

    Michael Ly

  • Hello JH Shin,

    Before we proceed with the MySecure access, I am confused.  Is the customer developing with the DLP9000X or the DLP9000?  The DLPC910 only supports the DLP9000X.  

    The SPI Flash they are using suggests that this is for a DLPC910 since the DLPC900 uses parallel flash.


  • Hello Michael and Fizix,

    I will respond by email and message.



  • Hi JH,

    Thanks, we got your message! Looks like the DLP9000X is being used, which matches up with DLPC910 supported DMDs.

    Michael Ly

  • Hi JH,

    Because Fizix has sent you the file, I will go ahead and close this thread.

    You may reopen the thread up to two weeks from now if you or the customer have any additional questions.

    Thank you,
    Michael Ly