DLP3010EVM-LC: An issue with firmware of ver. 8.0.0

Part Number: DLP3010EVM-LC
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I am using DLP3010EVM-LC to project GRAYCODE images by using internal pattern mode.

For this one year, the evm (whose firmware version is 7.3.2) was able to project GRAYCODE images (i.e. 1-bit horizontal images) without any issue.

Recently I purchased another new DLP3010EVM-LC (whose firmware version is 8.0.0).

However, I found that projection of GRAYCODE images was corrupted by the new evm.

Please let me know the cause of this problem.

I write down the detail information.

The new evm's information is follows:


I use two pattern sets.

PatternSet(1) includes two 1-bit horizontal images, which are Black and White.

PatternSet(2) includes twenty 1-bit horizontal images, which are GRAYCODE IMAGES.

pattern set #1

pattern set #2

Following image is pattern set order table.

Exposure time set by large number (800ms) in order to see projection images.

(I also checked short exposure time of 4ms, but the result was the same (corruption occurred.)

pattern set order

I also attach pattern set data (Filename is images.zip).


Projection result:

    Two images of PatternSets(#1) and the first two images of PatternSets(#2) are projected correctly.

    But images of 3rd and subsequent images of PatternSets(#2) are corrupted.

I found that when the two PatternSets of 1-bit images are continuous, the projection of the second PatternSets are corrupted.