Need a transparent display for the rear-window of a car- 12 inches * 10.6 inches

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I am looking for a transparent display to go on the rear-window of the car, it can be powered by the car's 12V. Seems DLP projectors could do the job, but it needs to be as economic as possible. Suggestions pls.

  • Hello Prathamesh - 

    The DLP Automotive team has two primary options for your application:

    1. DLP5530PROJQ1EVM
      1. This projector was originally intended for window display applications. Please check the Optical Specifications in the User's Guide document to see if it meets your needs.
      2. Price $3,499
      3. Note that there is limited availability at this time.
    2. DLP5532HBPROJQ1EVM - This projector is not yet released, expected in July 2021
      1. Specifications are similar to the DLP5530PROJQ1EVM, with the following modifications:
        1. 1,000 lumens output at 25C
        2. Contrast ~600:1
        3. Offset = 100%
      2. Price $2,499

    These are projectors with automotive qualified parts, functional from -40C to 105C temp range. If an automotive qualified system is not required for your needs, there may be off-the-shelf projectors available at lower prices.