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TFP410: RGB to DVI 1080p

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Part Number: TFP410


I looking for RGB to DVI converter in 1080p and im trying to figure it out if TFP410 supports it.

in this forum question it does not support at all

in this datasheet only TFP410-EP supports it


in this datasheet, TFP410 supports it

  • Hi Ido,

    The question you linked does not state that the TFP410 cannot support 1080p. The TFP410 can support 1080p just fine.



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    my bad sorry

    Are TFP410 and TFP410-EP are the same? only differnet temperature range?

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    Hi Ido,

    That's correct. TFP410 and TFP410-EP are functionally the same, but the TFP410-EP has an enhanced temperature range.



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    I have another problem, I will open a new question