DS160PR410: Resistor Values Used in 4 state selection

Part Number: DS160PR410

Hi Team, 

Customer have confirmation regarding the recommended resistor for 4 state selection. Below is the inquiry.

"We are using DS160PR410 in our design. When we gone through the EVK. It is showing different value resistors for pin strapping option. For example VOD_DS resistor are 249,3.24K,14.7K but in datasheet they are,1K,13K,59K and Float. Which resistor configuration do we need to follow?"



  • Hi Maynard,

    The reason you see 249 versus 1K and etc, is because EVK has this pin connected to four parts and therefor we need to divide 1K by 4 to provide correct biasing for this level. If your customer is using a single PR410 then use data sheet recommended values. If using 2 PR410s and they share control pins then this needs to be divided by 2 and so on.

    Regards,, Nasser