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ISOW1044: Datasheet error on pin description

Part Number: ISOW1044
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: ISOW1412

The datasheet is SLLSFF7A – MAY 2021 – REVISED DECEMBER 2021, Rev A. The original release of this document was May 2021.

Pin 3 is shown as TXD. 

Its description is "Driver enable. If this pin is floating, the driver is disabled (internal pull-down)".

I believe it should read "CAN transmit data input (LOW for dominant and HIGH for recessive bus states)"

Am I missing something here?

If this is indeed an error, it raises the question about what other bugs are there in this datasheet, which has been out for two years.

  • Hi David,

    Thank you for reaching out and for pointing out the error in pin description for TXD pin, sorry about that.
    Yes, this is a copy/paste error and went unnoticed for about 2 years now. This device shares the DC/DC converter with the device ISOW1412 and the ISOW1412 datasheet was reused to create ISOW1044. I see that the pin description of pin3 for ISOW1412 remained as is ISOW1044 and missed an update.

    I agree that this shouldn't have happened and we apologize for the same, we will get this fixed in the datasheet and I appreciate you for bringing this to our notice. Rest assured, all the performance specifications of device are sufficiently reviewed to reflect accurate data and are also more commonly referred by us and customers. The pin description for the TXD pin, which is typically the same for all RS-485 devices, probably didn't get as much attention by customers and hence, we are only hearing it from you now.

    We will get this fixed and thanks again for bringing this up.

    Koteshwar Rao

  • Thanks Koteshwar.

    I tend to find errors when others don't. Other datsheets (eg: the non-W type) expose this error. But if an error like that can exist for two years, the bigger question is what other errors might there be that are no so obvious. I have found some with Microchip (Atmel) high-end processor device datasheets in the past, and by comparison, TI is very good. I am using both the ISOW1044 and the ISOW1412 in a high volume product, and on the surface, these chips are good - and competitively priced. I just hope TI can continue to improve supply of chips in general, and TI's marketing people can communicate more effectively to SME's regarding supply of chips.

    I will close this issue. 



  • Hi David,

    Thanks for your inputs.
    We have updated the datasheet and it reflects correct pin naming now. We updated both TXD and RXD to be consistent in description. Please see below snapshot from the datasheet that is currently available on TI website.

    Due to a very large demand, most parts were sold out as they are manufactured for the last 2 years. We have been continuously scaling up our production and adding more Fabs to increase the supply of the these parts. We expect you to not have any further supply related issues.

    Thanks again for using ISOW1044 and ISOW1412.

    Koteshwar Rao