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PGA411Q1EVM: PGA411 A,B,Z output signal abnormal

Part Number: PGA411Q1EVM

PGA411 GUI parameter set as below picture 1, excitation output signal is normal,resolver input signal is normal.PGA411 A,B,Z output signal abnormal when customer adjust R1x (SCH reference picture 2)achieve sin,cos gain range from 1.0V to 2.1V. PGA411 A,B,Z have continue signal output when resolver angle not change

Picture 1

Picture 2

  • Hi John,

    I've assigned this post to the appropriate applications engineer, she will respond to your question.

  • John,

    It looks like the EVM is not connected properly to the GUI. Please follow the procedure in the EVM quick-start guide:

    In particular, the USB_RDY LED should be solidly green (not blinking) before you start the GUI. If that LED is blinking, then press the "MCU_RST" button until the LED stays lit.

    Please let me know if you still have an issue after trying this.


  • Clancy

    Thanks for your support,Creenshot is GUI disconnect status,the USB_RDY LED is solidly green(not blinking) explain connect is correct.I want to known confirm below two question
    1.PGA411 can accept Sin/Cos signal range?
    2.PGA411 A,B,Z have continue signal output when resolver angle not change?
    I think whether it is not set up hardware and software?Pls check it,thanks
  • John,

    OUTA/B/Z should not change if you are at a static angle. If they are changing then likely the other methods of reading the angle are showing a changing angle as well (AOUT or SPI angle reads). This can happen if the tracking loop is not locking. Can you share a few oscilloscope screenshots?
    - OSIN and OCOS (for ideal operation the full scale peak-to-peak values should be within 0.6Vpp to 1.5Vpp)
    - AOUT (this is the analog representation of the angle output. At a stationary angle, it should not be moving)

    Also, is this happening at every angle of the resolver sensor or only at specific angles?


  • Clancy

    Thanks for your support.this issue cause from Demo board.we are not find the issue from a new Demo board