SN74LVC1G125: Output voltage can't go low

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Part Number: SN74LVC1G125

Hi Team:

I didn't notice a minimum application circuit for SN74LVC1G125 in the datasheet, does it have one? Cuz when I test it separately( with a 0.1uF bypass capacitor near the power pin ), the output didn't go as I thought.

I powered SN74LVC1G125 with 3.3V, and connected /OE pin to GND. The results are as followed:

When the input is 3.3V, the output is 3.3V, this is correct.

but when the input is 0V, the output is about 2.4V. doesn't it should be 0V?

I've tested several SN74LVC1G125s and the results are all the same. They work perfectly fine in a pre-made PCB, so I must missed something.

please tell me what I've been missing, thank you in advance.  

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