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TXS0108E: TXS0108 150mv standard

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Part Number: TXS0108E

Hi team,

My customer is using the TXS0108 now. We want to check the  150mv standard  means scope LOW or other, how to measure and judge it? Thanks.

  • Hi Frank,

    The input is recommended to be at or below 150mV for a "low" input.  This is specifically to help with the V_OL specification because of how the TXS works (which is very similar to the LSF translators, explained in detail here: https://training.ti.com/node/1139264?context=1139264 )

    The device will operate with a higher V_IL value, however the V_OL might exceed the datasheet specification in that case.

    Looking for a low voltage translator? Check out the AXC family that supports 0.7V to 3.3V translation!

    The Logic Minute training page has videos on many interesting topics that all are kept shorter than 5 minutes.