TMS320F28379D: How to Start Core 2 from Wait Boot Mode

Part Number: TMS320F28379D


I am trying to understand the process which starts Core 2 when it is in Wait Boot Mode.  According to the TRM, spruhm8i, section, CPU2 IPC Commands, one needs to write one of the prescribed values in Table 4-41 to IPCBOOTMODE, and a value of 19 to IPCSENDCOM to tell the TI Bootloader to start Core 2.  But C1TOC2IPCFLG[31] and C1TOC2IPCFLG[0] are also used.  Table 4-41 shows them being used as status.  But would they also need to be used for control too, i.e. to start the command?  Where should I be looking to find more information?

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