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instaspin foc library

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Is your instaspin foc library open source?

Is it possible to make special changes on the code for our application ?

  • If you're talking about the source code for the FAST ROM, generally no, although we do share it on request sometimes--like for customers who need the source code for safety certification reasons.

    Can I ask what device you're using and what changes you you had in mind?


  • We produce 6 axis industrial robot arms for factories. In other words, there are 6 x 3-phase motors in a robot arm. An engine with 36 slots. When it comes to both certification processes and robotics, we have to implement some algorithms that we have developed into existing processor source codes. We have worked with ST microelectronic before. They submitted all their libraries to us for modification. We worked with G series processors. We bought 100K processors from Future.

    TI also has some processors. It will be a large order again. We thought of continuing the project with TI. One of the distributors we work with in Turkey is Arrow. Is it possible to make changes to the codes on a project basis when we apply through Arrow and TI Turkey representative?

    We will work on new robot arm prototypes if possible.

    What can we do ?


  • Have you looked into our eSMO projects at all? There's some info in this post here.

    Do you have some idea what device you'll be using? Our newer devices are supported by our MotorControl SDK. It has projects for both InstaSPIN-FOC, eSMO, and other techniques. We still don't share the FAST source, but we do provide a precompiled .lib so any device with the TMU and FPU can run it even if they don't have the algorithm in ROM.


  • Hmm.... Our projects use a min 14 bit magnetic position sensor. So our applications are applications with sensors. Plus, we provide the digital angle to the MCU via SPI. So the sensors are not simple hall sensors either. In this case, we are not interested in FAST anyway :=)

    You have a solution called DesignDrive. I wonder exactly which of your solutions is equivalent to our SPI-based algorithms that we use at ST?

    Most of the time at runtime we do some manipulation of timer configurations, ADC configurations (shunt read channels) and pwm sampling zones and park clarke equations.

    All this Texas Ins. Is it accessible in source code? We are interested in your C2000 processors

    What suggestion do you offer?

  • The FAST library just includes the code of a rotor angle estimators which is dedicated for sensoress-FOC, and it's not related to the specific applications. Since you are using sensored-FOC with position sensor, it seem like you don't need the source code for FAST library.

    The design drive are sensored-FOC based reference solutions, all of the libraries and example project for design drive are open source in MotorControlSDK. The typical FOC functions are also open source in MotorControlSDK including eSMO for sensorless-FOC as Whitney mentioned above.

  • Hello again;

    For C2000 processors, processors with instaspin seem to be limited. You know, it became clear that we don't need FAST for our sensor application. Apart from that (for applications with sensors) can your motor control SDK work with all your c2000 processors? For example, ST's motorworkbench sdk works on all serial processors (almost 95% and above) that it manufactures. And according to the resources of the processor (number of ADCs, number of comparators, etc.), the most suitable modes are automatically selected on the basis of code.

    Are we limited to your InstaSPIN-FOC enabled processors? Or can your motor control SDK work with almost all your C2000 processor family or arm based texas processors?

    Thank you.

  • an your motor control SDK work with all your c2000 processors?

    Yes. The motor control libraries and almost all of the example projects in motor Control SDK can be implement on all of the C2000 controllers.

    Are we limited to your InstaSPIN-FOC enabled processors?

    No. Only have to use the InstaSPIN-FOC enabled device if you need to use the InstaSPIN-FOC with FAST estimator.

    Or can your motor control SDK work with almost all your C2000 processor family or arm based texas processors?

    As mentioned above. Motor control SDK can be worked with all of the C2000 processor directly, but you have change the related device configuration codes for implementing it on ARM based TI processor.

  • Dear Whitney Dewey and Yanming Luo;

    Thank you very much for your answers and for your support.