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TMS320F280025C: Motor control solutions

Part Number: TMS320F280025C
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: DESIGNDRIVE, TMDXIDDK379D, C2000WARE

Hello Ti,

At the moment, I’m developing a new motor controller board. The power board is almost finished, now the mcu board has to be done. I use it for small electric vehicles (always with pmsm/bldc).

In the past I worked with Instaspin-foc onto the f28069m, I also used hall sensors for startup. Then I switched to the f280049c with Instaspin and implemented a hall startup like lab11e. Both works great.

Recently I saw there is a new motor control lab called “universal lab” which runs on the f280025c mcu. Now I’m wondering if I can use this for my new project. 

What are the differences between the Instaspin-foc and the “universal lab”? Are there any advantages/disadvantages? Is there axis-decoupling implemented in the “universal lab”? (Tried it on f28069m but didn’t work well).

I saw I can switch between different observers (FAST and SMO) and hall sensors or QEB encoder. I assume FAST is more reliable at low speeds? Are there some other things? (like execution time of smo and fast).
When it runs with hall sensor it’s is just six step trapezoidal commutation or will the angle of the rotor interpolated, to get higher resolution?

Is a hall sensor startup implemented or do I have to do it? (like lab11e)

Next week I got the f280025c launshpad and play a little bit with it.



Maybe in a future project I only want to use sensored foc.

I think Instaspin and universal lab work only with qep encoder. If I want absolute encoders (e.g. endat), I have to use designdrive, am I right?

If I want to use absolute encoder what solution of the mcsdk would you suggest to experiment around with? (single axis)

What is the difference between the two? (In terms of the software is using because the source files are a bit different)

Is the “Quick Response Control of PMSM Using Fast Current Loop” application note valid for both mcu’s?

And if I want dual axis control (with QEB), are these the right ones?



Thanks in advance,